Excellent catch by the gentleman at Home Run Derby. Jon Miller had incorrectly identified Derrek Lee as Carlos Lee and coming out of the break he had and apology. I’ll let HRD explain…

Well, during the commercial break, someone on ESPN’s crack production squad must have told Miller that Carlos Lee doesn’t play for the Cubs and that Derrek Lee is the Cubs’ first baseman, so he issued a “correction” (again, paraphrased) …

“Folks, before the break, I misidentified the Cubs first baseman, Derrek Lee, as being Carlos Lee. Carlos Lee plays up in Milwaukee, where he signed a big long-term contract over the offseason.”

Ah…well glad you cleared that up Jon. Especially since Carlos PLAYS FOR THE ASTROS!!!! Come on. I love you Jon, and I will still say that the O’s letting you leave is a crime against humanity, but Carlos Lee is an All-Star. How do you not know what team he plays for?

Also, Jon….pay attention when coming back from commercials okay ? (HRD caught this during the same game)


Lee’s all look alike to ESPN’s Jon Miller (Home Run Derby)

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