(This is probably OMDQ’s last post of the weekend, because writing ten items in two days is exhausting for him. Yes, even if half of them are YouTube videos)

I told myself earlier tonight that no matter what was said on ESPN tonight, I was going to leave Joe Morgan alone. The man takes enough heat without me piling on each and every week.

But then something happened between him and Jon Miller that, quite honestly, made me giggle.

With Curtis Granderson at the plate in the bottom of the third inning, Miller mentioned that the Tigers outfielder was doubling as a blogger for ESPN.com. From there, he segued into a story that Granderson had told about writing to Kirby Puckett once for a school assignment, and how the fact that Puckett had been so pleasantly responsive that it still affected the way Granderson handled his fan mail. At the end, Miller left Morgan an opening to comment, and Joe did…by not responding to the story at all. Instead, he started talking about how Fausto Carmona had just walked Granderson, even running through a pitch-by-pitch breakdown of the at-bat. No segue or anything.

In fairness, I’m not willing to lay this one totally on Joe Morgan’s shoulders. For all I know, the producers were in his earpiece screaming, “JOE! Jon’s off on one of his tangents again! Reel that #%$!@ in!” So Joe just figured he’d change the subject and nobody would notice.

It worked, I guess – Miller followed along and got back to actually calling the game, which was good because it turned into a nice little Tigers rally. But, like I said, it made me giggle, and I wanted to give all of you the same opportunity.