I’m obviously not in an NFL Clubhouse, but I’m guessing this is the way a lot of coaches feel about Chris Mortensen these days. Mort broke the news on Sunday that Bucs’ QB Jeff Garcia had a hairline fracture in his back. This did not sit well with Tampa Bay Coach Jon Gruden. Via the St. Pete Times…

“There’s a lot of reports out there,” Gruden said. “I just wish some of these reports were verified. (Mortensen) doesn’t have a (expletive) idea what he’s talking about. I can’t understand why he would say that unless he got the X-rays himself.”

Burn. I know Mortensen is just doing his job, and a million fantasy owners wait on his every word, but sooner or later he’s going to “work” himself out of a job.

Gruden, Garcia rip report, reassert that injury is minor (St Pete Times)
Jon Gruden: ESPN’s Chris Mortensen ‘Doesn’t Have a [Bleep] Idea What He’s Talking About’ (Fanhouse)

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