I have no idea if Joe Torre was a good or bad announcer back in the day because I was 7 and didn’t live in California when he did Angels play-by-play (1985-1990). I do vaguely remember him on ESPN during the 1989 post-season though. When he got hired by the Yankees I told my friends he would be a good manager because I had seen him on the “Leader”…..for some reason they just laughed at me and I don’t really know why (probably because I was 11 and already grading Announcers).

Anywho, Mr. Torre has turned down FOX’s offer to join Joe and Tim in the booth, and you know what? That upsets me. I just can’t deal with those two alone anymore. I need some new blood to make it interesting, and I’m dreading the moment that McCarver has to pronounce Tulowitzki.

Via SI….

Torre declined an offer from FOX Sports to call the World Series alongside lead announcer Joe Buck and analyst Tim McCarver, SI.com has learned. FOX Sports president Ed Goren called Torre’s agent, Maury Gostfrand, on Friday night to inquire if his client was interested in joining the network for the World Series. Gostfrand called Goren on Saturday to decline the offer.

“His agent called us back today and let us know that Joe was flattered to be asked but respectfully declined because he has made some family commitments,” said FOX Sports spokesman Dan Bell. “We completely understand and will go with Joe and Tim in the booth for the World Series.”

I guess we’ll just have to grin and bear it with those two, and I’ll see you (them) on Wednesday night for a live-blog. You jokers better bring your A-Game.

Oh and TBS…why don’t you go make Torre an offer he can’t refuse for next year. It can only help you in the long run. Especially if he has about 25 Sundays to practice during the regular season next year. Either that or let the Red Sox pay him $3 million to be their bench coach, trade for A-Rod, and sign Mariano Rivera to be a setup man for Papelbon. Actually TBS….don’t make that call. My second idea is much more interesting.