About 10 people emailed me this story and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why. I posted on Joe Nuxhall’s passing last month and him being nominated to head into the HOF with the Ford Frick Award seemed like a no brainer. I then decided that maybe I should read the whole thing….

The Hall of Fame announced Tuesday the 10 candidates for the 2008 Frick Award, a process during which fans helped shape the ballot by selecting three of the 10 people through an exclusive vote on baseballhalloffame.org and MLB.com.

The late Bill King, who called Oakland Athletics games for 25 years, and Hall of Fame second baseman Joe Morgan of ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball coverage were the other two broadcasters placed on the ballot by online voters.

Oh you silly “online voters” you! Come on Joe….we know it was you clicking 122,000 times on your ESPN provide laptop that got you nominated. No one could really think that you deserved this but you right? Right?!?

The winner will be announced in February and the award will be given out at the 2008 HOF Induction Ceremony in July.

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