As if the Holiday Inn commercials didn’t lead you to this belief already. Joe Buck has been featured in DirecTV commercials for the Extra Innings package. You know the channel that almost caused you to fire-bomb Bud Selig’s office? Well what’s wrong with that? I’ll let The NY Daily News explain….

You know, the spots where Buck encourages fans to dump cable and go satellite so they can purchase “Extra Innings.” “Hi, I’m Joe Buck, and while I’m best known for my velvety voice, I’m here to tell you about one of the best innovations in years,” Buck says in the commercials. That Buck would even agree to be a paid shill for DirecTV is whacked. Especially at a time when it looked like MLB was going to shaft cable subscribers and do an exclusive deal with DirecTV. Not very fan friendly, right? Now that cable has “Extra Innings”, anyone who actually listened to Buck and switched from cable to satellite might feel kind of foolish. And question Buck’s credibility.

Well (as if we weren’t questioning it already) isn’t that something? And that my friends is how you make the segue from the non egocentric Nick Faldo I talked about two posts ago back….to our good ole’ Awful Announcing. I swear….this site is too easy sometimes….could you at least try to make this harder “Joe Bucks” of the World???

P.S.- The kids these days actually use the term as “wack”…..not “whacked”. And by “these days” I mean 1997.

Jackass: The Sequel (NY Daily News…..scroll past the Packer stuff. You’ve read it all before.)

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