I let you know yesterday about the supposed Joe Buck Show coming to FOX late night, and I wanted to share a few of Joe Buck’s quotes on the potential show…..

“It’s an unsupervised show that we’ve put together and we’re really happy with, and want to see if anybody else is’’ said Buck, who co-produced the demo with former “Saturday Night Live’’ writer Matt Piedmont.

They worked together on some skits that have appeared on the bud.tv website.

“We’ve expanded on that,’’ Buck said. “It (the pilot) is a little bit of everything, from sketch comedy to interviews.’’

Buck said that if the show ever hits the airwaves, it shouldn’t interfere with his sportscasting duties because it probably would be a weekly show and that several could be shot in one trip to New York.

Well rats. That’s not what I wanted to hear Joe. Can’t you for once do something for the fans for once, and HAVE it interfere!

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