Hey, what could be more exciting then learning what Sports Broadcaster’s favorite Christmas presents were? I submit nothing! Well FOX took care of asking to of AA’s favorite subjects what that exactly was and here’s their answers…..

FOX Sports Emmy Award-Winning Announcer Joe Buck (son of legendary broadcaster Jack Buck)

“In 1982 after the Cardinals had won the World Series that year, my dad got me a replica World Series trophy and I was in heaven. First, I was 13, and any trophy was cool. Second it was the very same that the Cardinals were presented with, only a little smaller so it could fit into my book case. It was heavy, gold, and excellent (as we said in the early 80’s). And finally, that my dad thought to get that for me really meant a lot. I have never been more surprised on Christmas, and remember to this day where I was and what I was wearing when I opened it. It was a red rugby shirt and it happened in our basement next to a disco jukebox that was left over from the late ’70s.”

NFL on FOX Sideline Reporter Pam Oliver:

“I was 7 years old … and my parents (or Santa) surprised me with an Easy Bake oven and matching washing machine. The cool part was the oven actually baked the cake thanks to the oven’s high watt light bulb … and the washer would actually whoosh around. By the next year I was a bonafide tomboy and completely horrified that I loved such products! But that was the best Christmas ever!”

Aww that’s cute Joe. A red rugby shirt must have looked awesome with that blond hair. And Pam….an Easy Bake Oven? I would love a light bulb brownie!Actually I’m just as cheesy as Pam, my favorite gift ever was the Star Wars AT-AT I got when I was seven.

Buck & Oliver recount their ‘Best Holiday Gifts’ (FOX Sports)

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