This item is a day old, but I figured I’d throw it up anyway. Ron Jaworski watches a TON of game film, and on Tuesday he saw something that maybe not everyone else did. Jaws claims Randy Moss is still taking plays off and coming from him we almost have to take that as gospel. Via The Boston Herald….

During a conference call with reporters yesterday, Jaworski, who will be in the booth for Monday night’s game between the Pats and Ravens in Baltimore, claimed he saw Moss slacking off at times when his number wasn’t called.

“Quite honestly, when I went through the tape, it was the first time that I was personally disappointed in a Randy Moss performance,” Jaworski said of the NFL’s leading receiver, who caught five passes for 43 yards in the 31-28 win against the Eagles. “I did not see the same energy on every single play that I had seen so far this season.

I guess the big question is….Do you even care? I mean outside of Hines Ward and Ray Lewis don’t most players take a down or two off??? This seems pretty insignificant to me, but media outlets are picking it up all over the place today (there was a segment devoted to it on First Take).

I belive Jaws when he says that Moss is loafing, but do you think anyone in New England cares at all?

Jaws: Moss took plays off (The Boston Herald)

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