Well just when you thought ESPN had given up on the cell phone market Verizon swoops in to give them a second chance.

ESPN is relaunching its shuttered cell phone service through Verizon Wireless, this time delivering its flashy feed of sports scores, news and video highlights through a top industry player instead of competing for subscribers with its own full-blown wireless brand.

The Verizon relationship is the first example of the new strategy that ESPN executives promised last September in announcing they were pulling the plug on Mobile ESPN as a standalone cell phone company featuring its own handsets, calling plans, customer service and monthly phone bills.

Some of the new features?

The companies also planned to announce that a broadcast TV service for cell phones that Verizon plans to introduce will feature an ESPN channel with much of the same programming being shown on its sports cable networks.

Great…….Mike and Mike on the go.

Mobile ESPN to relaunch through Verizon Wireless (Boston Herald)

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