I had to pass this amazing article that Unsilent Majority penned for No Mas this morning. It’s a perfect account of why boxing is not getting the same respect it has in years past and how that’s directly related to coverage on ESPN and SportsCenter.

Boxing Isn’t Dead, But ESPN Is Burying It (No Mas)

How boxing is considered a failing sport when they set a record for PPV views with the De La Hoya-Mayweather fight just doesn’t make sense, and I think UM sheds a lot of light on the situation. Here are some of UM’s points….

The lone “boxing” stories that I’ve seen crack SportsCenter’s rotation this week have involved Pretty Boy Floyd dancing like a fool and the downward spiral that is Mike Tyson’s life. The last time SportsCenter featured any real boxing coverage the commentators were debating whether or not two fading stars could “save” the sport.

Ever since ESPN bought up the Arena Football League, Tony Graziani’s name has been on the lips of SportsCenter anchors more than Kelly Pavlik or Andre Berto or any of the other emerging marketable stars. It makes sense for any major corporation to “keep things in the family” but Disney goes off the deep end.

The primary component of the company’s boxing coverage is Friday Night Fights which offers compelling live cards and analysis of the larger boxing scene. So what do they have planned for this week’s episode? Uh…well nothing really, apparently the season is over. I didn’t even know boxing had seasons… well played ESPN.

Great job by UM to give just another example of the hypocrisy ESPN is throwing right in all of our faces. It’s like they’re not even trying to hide it anymore. ESPN is so desperately trying to the UFC on-board that they’re ignoring (still) one of the most popular Sports in the Country and hell….the World.

Max Kellerman is rolling over in his grave…….What he’s not dead??? Oh.

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