I’m all for including fans in your broadcast put this might be going a little bit overboard….

ESPN’s Monday Night Football will feature fan-generated videos for the first time in 2007. Throughout the NFL season, fans will be invited to create personalized videos promoting their favorite teams’ upcoming MNF appearance and upload them to the “Monday Night Surround” section on ESPN.com. Two videos will be selected each week and shown on the air during MNF. Videos will highlight the teams set to play in the following week’s MNF game on ESPN, as fans voice why their team will win the game and why NFL fans should tune-in.

You may have seen these sorts of videos featured on College Football Live, and for the most part they’ve gone over pretty well. But for Monday Night Football? There’s already too much extracuricular stuff going on already. I wonder if there will even be time to fit it in between the interview of Terri Hatcher and Michele Tafo

I know it’s good to get extra content from the fans, but I think Mike Tirico is capable of telling me why I should watch the next week’s game. If you feel so inclined to post a video you can head to My ESPN and upload yours now!

P.S.- Someone give Kige a call and post haste! (Photo from Deadspin via Nationalcoholic)

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