In an almost throwaway moment last Saturday Buck and McCarver were talking all things Barry Bonds. They each seemed to take a side and Bill Taaffe of the Las Vegas Review took notice. Here’s his take….

A fault line has developed between Fox’s Joe Buck and Tim McCarver in their views of Barry Bonds and steroids. It was apparent during the All-Star Game telecast last Tuesday and, in McCarver’s case, again during the Dodgers-Giants broadcast Saturday.

Put succinctly, Buck thinks the public has realized it’s going to have to tolerate a certain level of suspicion on players’ use of steroids and human growth hormone. And he himself is not about to criticize Bonds or any other player who has taken them. McCarver, a former player from the pre-steroids era, is instinctively harder on the issue.

“From 1920 to 1965 there were 16 players who hit 50 home runs or more … a 45-year period. Over the last 12 years, there have been 21 players who have hit 50 home runs or more. Did that just happen? Well, the clear answer is no, it didn’t.”

Great catch by Taaffe, and this is a huge problem with announcers as of late. Isn’t it your job to provide all sides of an argument and bring all things to light? It’s almost as if Buck is doing a disservice to viewing audience.

You can’t just accept that this is part of the game. With a situation/record this big….you have to bring attention to it. Thoughts?

BONDS BEAT (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

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