I hate weddings. Especially Catholic wedding because, unlike a regular Sunday Mass, there is absolutely no chance you’re getting out of there early. Doesn’t matter who the priest is, he’s gonna take that whole hour (and more, if necessary) if it kills him. Which, if you are not one of ones who is actually getting married, can make for a rough day.

Why this? Why now? Because I went to a Catholic wedding today. The bride and groom are friends of my in-laws, very nice people, but it wasn’t the best Saturday afternoon of my life. All things considered, I’d rather have been here with you all, typing up random rants about Barbaro and posting YouTube compilations of injuries to the Yankees pitching staff. It would’ve been awesome.

Instead, I’m posting this Bud Light commercial that illustrates EXACTLY what I needed earlier this afternoon. The genius that came up with this has obviously attended his or her share of Catholic weddings.

(This post was brought to you by the letters O, M, D, and Q)