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All apologies if this is viewed as beating a dead horse, but I was just reviewing today’s ejections from around Major League Baseball and some of the connections were too good to pass up.

Remember earlier today (well, yesterday, I guess; I haven’t been to bed yet, so it still feels like today) when I wrote about Bruce Bochy’s ejection for arguing a close play at first base? Turns out that ol’ Bruce has had his fair share of issues with first base umpires lately: that was the second time in three days he had been kicked out of a game by the ump in that position, and for the same reason. Incidentally, in both cases, replays showed that Bochy probably had a reason to argue.

The umpire who missed the call that led to Bochy’s ejection on Wednesday was Brian Knight. Knight’s name should sound familiar since he was the same guy who gave Terry Francona the thumb in San Diego on Saturday. If you’re scoring at home, that makes three blown calls and two managers tossed in three days for Knight, who is only in the major leagues right now as a fill-in while Kerwin Danley is on vacation. I’m not sure he’ll be getting a positive performance review for this effort.

Also, it seems worth noting that six people were ejected from games on Saturday: three were managers (including Bobby Cox, who tied John McGraw’s major league record of 131 for his career) and three were catchers (highlighted by the Paul Lo Duca classic that was referenced earlier on this site).