Does anyone doubt that YouTube is the best invention probably ever? Well I somehow stumbled onto this new sport which seems to combine table hockey, foosball, quarters, and awesome flicking skills.

Apparently it’s actually a board game that has turned into a phenohenom in places like Chile. Very interesting…

The rules of Subbuteo table football are an attempt to correspond closely with the game itself. However the simplifications involved in some ways complicate things further. Players maintain possession as long as the figure they flick makes contact with the ball and the ball does not subsequently hit an opposing figure, although the same figure cannot be used for more than three consecutive flicks. Shots at goal can be taken once the ball is over the ‘shooting line’, a line parallel to and equidistant between the goal line and half-way line. Goalkeeper figures are attached to a rod that fits underneath the back of the goal. The offside rule is in effect, but only pertaining to figures that are forward of the opposing team’s shooting line (as opposed to the half-way line, as in actual football).

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