Back in 2001 and 2002 HBO took us inside the Camps of the Ravens and Cowboys. This programming is where we found out about hazing and that Chad Hutchinson loved to play the guitar. It was riveting stuff actually.

Well it’s coming back this Summer, and the team they’re following? The Kansas City Chiefs…

Kansas City Chiefs fans will get a rare insider’s look at training camp this summer. The team announced Saturday it will be the subject of HBO’s sports-reality show Hard Knocks.

The HBO cameras, in association with NFL Films, will be given exclusive access to meetings and practice for the five-week training camp in River Falls, Wis.

To say I’m stoked for this is an understatement. I loved the first two, but I’m curious as to why they picked the Chiefs? Can someone please tell HBO that they need to move their cameras to Cincy post-hate?!?!

Chiefs’ camp will be featured on HBO (

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