10:29 – Ohio gets the first down on forward progress. That should be considered a moral victory at this point.

10:31 – I think I’ve ripped off Deadspin for my last two post titles. Hope they don’t get mad – I’m counting on their support.

10:32 – To everyone who’s still watching this game and talking me down off the ledge, thank you. I’m having a surprising amount of fun and your comments are a large reason why.

10:34 – HA! I never realized that the aforementioned Chip ‘n Dale commercial is sponsored by Dick’s Sporting Goods. Is there such a thing as a triple entendre?

10:36 – It’s easy to be cynical, but it was actually nice to see the players from these two schools visiting the children’s hospital in Mobile. It might not seem like much to us – “Gee, a guy from a mid-major school, how exciting” – but after working for an independent league baseball team for two years, I’ve seen how kids respond to any sort of athlete – they love it. They’ll be talking about it for weeks. I’m glad they made the effort to do something good like that.

10:39 – Back to cynicism (is that even a word?) – Signal to Noise said… I wasn’t aware Dick’s supported chipmunk-on-man double teams, but it’s clear that they do and the terrorists have won.

I don’t even know what to say…these commercials have totally changed my outlook on life.

10: 41 – Lou P. said…Did Gary Thorne just refer to one of the Southern Miss players as “Old Man Handy”?!?”

I missed that, Lou – but nothing at this point would surprise me.

10:42 – Southern Miss allows Ohio a courtesy touchdown, and it’s 28-7.

10:43 – It was funny the first time I saw it, but that Bruce Campbell commercial for Old Spice is starting to annoy the crap out of me. Rob Thomas songs have the same effect on me – I wonder if Rob Thomas wrote it?

10:45 – Mike Gottfried is a father-figure to a 12-year old boy. I don’t feel that I’m qualified to comment on this matter.

10:46 – They’re joking about him taking Rob Stone’s sideline reporting job, but I’m pretty sure he’s gunning for Andre Ware.

10:48 – It’s early in this drive, but Ohio appears to be stiffening up on defense. I wonder if the game plan all along was to spot Southern Miss four touchdowns, then start playing for real in the fourth quarter.

10:49 – Love the fact that Division 1A is now referred to as the Bowl Subdivision. Thank you, NCAA, for replacing a reasonable term with one that takes twice as long to type.

10:51 – That note from three minutes ago? Just kidding – Austin Everson throws an interception for Ohio, Southern Miss returns it to the Ohio thirty.

10:53 – Signal to Noise said… Ack, I just imagined Fouts, Ware, and Gottfried as the team to call a game, and now I want to pour bleach into my ears to wash the notion out of my brain.

Who is the sideline reporter for this team from Hell? Eric Dickerson or Tony Siragusa (aka the anti-Erin Andrews)?

10:56 – I’m gonna take my kids to Mardi Gras someday. There is plenty of material to deliver pretty much deliver every possible “father to child” talk in that environment.

10:58 – “You know what I’m talking about, right?” – Stone – Until you said that, I was thinking to myself, “Hey, this Rob Stone isn’t too bad.” Now – just shut the hell up. You’re an idiot. And a sideline reporter. (Which is worse: being the sideline reporter working the GMAC Bowl, or being an unpaid blogger writing a live blog of the GMAC Bowl? Wait – don’t answer that.)

11:01 – “I’m Gary Thorne with Andre Ware and Rob Stone. Great crew on hand.” – Thorne – unfortunately, none of them actually appear on television to talk about the game.

11:03 – “The tallest being Norwood at 6’3″, 197.” – Ware – first of all, Yahoo! lists Norwood at 6’1″. Second, if you’re talking about his height, why is his weight even relevant?

11:05 – This one is frighteningly close to being over, so let me get this out of the way now – thanks to Awful Announcing for allowing me to once again take on a live blog on his site. Anytime you need me, AA, just blow on the conch shell and call for me – I’ll be playing pool ten feet away.

11:07 – After so many screw-ups this bowl season, it was nice to see a team actually hit the coach with the Gatorade bath.

11:08 – Also deserving of mention, once again: Run Up The Score, Signal to Noise, Awful Announcing and Sam T, who preceded me on the live blog slate these past couple of days. Great job all the way around, fellas – hope I lived up to the lofty standard you guys set.

11:12 – And it’s official: Southern Miss takes the GMAC Bowl by the score of 28-7. Both teams finish the season at 9-5.

AA here……damn who was that hot chick with the Southern Miss coach? Anywho, thanks to the above folks who completed the longest day of live-blogging ever. Through internet issues, chilli dinners, and crap-ass Bowl Games….we completed the impossible (or the retarded).

Programming notes: Live-blog tomorrow of the National Championship Game. The same folks will be here, so I hope you will too.

Also, welcome me if you will our newest Live-blogger Marco from Just Call Me Juice. His first assignment? Well it’s not exactly an assignment it’s his request……College Basketball…..this Tuesday……#6 Ohio State……#4 Wisconsin……ESPN. Be there.

See everyone tomorrow….thanks for stopping by.

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