The 4th Quarter will start with the Giants at the Eagles 6, 3rd and 2. Manning steps up and throws an uncatchable pass, and the entire recieving corps bitches to Eli. Feeley can cut it to 7 here, and it’s good. Eagles-20 Giants-13.

The Eagles pick up a first down, but then throw 3 straight incompletions, including a 3rd down pass deep down the field where Garcia got walloped. The Giants have to go 80 yards to tie the game.

Barber picks up a few first downs on the ground, and along with a defensive holding, the Giants have a nice drive going here. It’s 3rd down at the Eagles’ 49 as Manning hits Tim Carter for a 14 yard gain and the first down at the Eagles’ 35.

Lito Shepperd is out with a dislocated elbow and will not return. This could open up the pass as he’s one of the Eagles’ better DB’s.

On 3rd and 1, the Giants go to Fat Tebow to pick up a first down, but he calls timeout instead. Manning comes back in the game, and hands to Barber who is going to be right on the line. They mark him short, but Coughlin challenges and should win it, as it looks like he is got enough. Upon further review, it’s first and 10 for the Giants.

After two false starts and a holding penalty, it’s 1st and 30. This is NFL Blitz territory. Plaxico makes a diving catch on an underthrown ball, it’s 3rd and 12. Manning burns another timeout. As the Eagles blitz, Manning throws a hitch to Burress, who makes a man miss and picks up the first down at around the 11.

Play fake from Manning and he hits Burress on a quick post for the touchdown. Great drive by Manning as he overcame his offensive line to tie the game. Giants-20 Eagles-20.

Eagles ball at their own 33 with just under 5 mins left. They start moving the ball on the ground and with short passes. It’s the 2 minute warning and the Eagles are on the edge of field goal range already. The Giants need a stop badly, and the Eagles need about 10 more yards.

First down Brian Westbrook, the Giants can’t stop the run at all. The Giants burn their final timout, Eagles ball at the 20. Giants need a turnover or Tony Romo to avoid losing this game.

The Eagles are going to call a timeout with 21 seconds left and bring on Akers on 3rd down to try and win this game. FOX is showing a montage of botched snaps. Actually, Garcia is coming back out and he sneaks to the middle of the field. Akers will have about a 37 yard kick on the last play of regulation.

It’s up and it’s good. More heartbreak for New York. Final score:
Eagles 23
Giants 20
The Giants are looking for a minority to fulfill the Rooney Rule and Chris Meyers ruined Jeff Garcia’s marriage proposal to David Akers.
Next week:
Eagles @ New Orleans
Giants golfing
24 season premiere

Thank you all, it’s been great! (except for the scores)

Thanks a ton Sam! You did a kick ass job. But we’re not done yet…….Brian from One More Dying Quail is lurking around here somewhere, and he’s on the GMAC Bowl. I’m taking Ohio in that one…..enjoy.

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