Some other keys to the 2nd half:
Giants-Make sure Manning makes smart decisions. Also, re-establish Plaxico Burress, he has two catches, but none since the first drive. Him and Shockey are Eli’s two favorite targets, so if they don’t get into the game, it could be all over.

Eagles-Keep running the ball, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Keep the pressure on Manning, he’s due for another bad decision.

Westbrook picks up a first down, coupled with a 5 yard facemask penalty. FOX is playing the injury music, and it looks like it’s Jason Bell of the Giants.

Garcia is sacked and then Wilson saves a first down with a great deflection. McQuarters muffs the punt but falls on it, and the Giants start from their own 10 after a mammoth punt.

I love these NFL Network commercials. “Garcia? Think he’s in Calgary with the Stampeders.” Couple that with the Mangini/Belichick one and I think they’re great. Suck it Mellencamp.

Manning is sacked on 3rd down as Kareem McKenzie was completely burned off the line by Thomas. The Eagles start in Giants territory after the punt.

Crazy play off of the ensuing 3 and out. The punt bounces and the Eagles save it at the one yard line, but then McQuarters decides to try and pick it up while there are 3 Eagles are around him, and he fumbles. Eagles ball at the 1. However, the ball was “illegally touched” by a member of the kicking team, so it’s Giants ball at the 1.

Manning dumps it off to the former Mr. Irrelevant, Jim Finn, on 3rd down, but it’s short of the marker. Westbrook brings the punt back for a TD, but there is a flag and it’s coming back. The Eagles fans can boo all they want, but it won’t sway the refs. On the replay, the penalty is pretty blatant, but Westbrook could have scored without it.

After picking up a first down, the Eagles throw 3 incomplete passes, including a deep pass on 3rd and 10 when Garcia got nailed. Giants have to go 80 yards to tie the game.
On a third down, Garcia rolls out again and throws a long first down pass. Garcia throws the next pass to the ground in the middle of the field. Osi Umenyiora is down for the Giants, and it looks like he can’t get back up. Cue the injury music.

Back from the commercial, the Eagles run the ball twice, and on 4th down, Akers drills a 48 yard field goal. Eagles-20 Giants-10. The Giants are down by two scores with just over 15 minutes to go.