Eagles start with first and 10 at their own 41…make that first and 5 after William Joseph jumps offsides. On 2nd and 1, Westbrook on a stretch play right makes a few Giants miss, and turns it upfield, another missed tackle and he’s gonna walk into the endzone. Touchdown Eagles. Akers adds the PAT and it’s Giants-7 Eagles-7.

Joe Buck decides to throw a baseball reference in a situation that doesn’t call for it at all by saying that “the homerun hitter for the Eagles just went deep.”

I’m sure this doesn’t surprise anyone, but Eli Manning was just picked off. Sheldon Brown has it and the Eagles start it in Giants territory with momentum.

After a few long runs, the Eagles have first and goal at the 5, but can’t punch it in. Akers makes the field goal, and it’s 10-7 Eagles. I’m gonna go have some playoff chili, so I’ll be back later. Talk amongst yourselves.

AA Here……looks like it’s going to be 17-10 at half. Sam will be back for the second half.

Thank you AA. If you were hanging on my every word, here’s what you missed.
The Giants had the ball inside the Eagles’ 5, but decided not to give it to the vulture and instead Eli threw a lob to the back of the end zone that was knocked away. Feeley’s FG made it 10-10. The Eagles came right back with a long drive complete with some cheap shots by John Runyan, 3rd down conversions, and a touchdown pass to Donte’ Stallworth. 17-10 Eagles. The Giants couldn’t do anything with 1:01 left, so we’ll go into half with Eagles 17, Giants 10.

Eli once again looks worried in the pocket. The Giants have relied on Barber and Shockey to get to this point. Meanwhile, the Eagles defense has been coming up strong, and Garcia’s confidence seems to be gaining with every play. Manning is 8/17 for 88 yards, a TD and an INT.

The Eagles will get the ball to start the 2nd half, be back with the 3rd quarter thread in about 5 minutes.