How I wasn’t invited to this is beyond me, but apparently the National Air Guitar Championships were held last night in NYC. The official website states, “When US military and economic leadership faces unprecedented criticism around the world, it is our belief that air guitar represents one endeavour our country can dominate without controversy.” Hell Yeah it does!

Last year’s winner Hot Lixx Hulahan was on hand to defend his title, and the competition was fierce….

Fourteen regional winners and the defending champion Hot Lixx Hulahan competed in yesterday’s contest.

This year’s selection of finalists included groups with names like “McNallica” from Boston, “Skeety Jone and Skeety Jone Band” from Chicago and “The Ultimate Loser” from New Orleans. Contestants never “play” an entire song. They only get one minute of a song to prove their air rock worth.

Andrew “William Ocean” Litz brought home the air-filled trophy for his performance.

“For that second round I said you know what this is it. If I slip I slip, if I break a bone I break a bone and hopefully when it is all said and done I walk away with this air trophy I’m holding right here and I did,” he said after receiving his prize.

Dammit Hulahan! I paid those judges off Donaghey Style and you blew it when you went of plan with that rendition of “Free Bird”!!! No one does that song in an Air Guitar Off!!!

I dunno if it’s these photos below (click for larger version), the fact that there are actual rankings, or the trophy case filled with air, but I’d go to this in a heartbeat. Someone tell me where to apply for credentials next year.
Air guitarists ‘bring back essence of awesomeness’ in US Air Guitar Championships (Daily Mail)

P.S.- Shred Nugent should have one on name alone.