Well it’s Patrick and Vitale, which means I’ll be hitting mute again. Just so you know-Duke sympathists hate Dick Vitale, too. So when I miss something incredibly stupid, just post it in the comments. And a correction from my previous post, UNC is actually 3rd in conference. Somehow, BC is still #1. Already we have a shocker-Zoubeck in for McRoberts, not alongside of him, lets see if this pays off.

Duke wins the tip, and Henderson misses a layup, as does NC on the other end, but they’ll keep the ball. Offensive foul on something that looked like, well, a stepback from here…I expect a video on YouTube about this in under 3 minutes.

Paulus drains a 3 for Duke, but Carolina comes right back with a short jumper, but Reyshawn Terry is hurt and is now sitting on the bench. Henderson nails a jumper off a high screen, which appears to be all Zoubeck is able to do for Duke this year. Lawson misses, and Duke works the ball around for Paulus who hits an open jumper. UNC scores, but Duke leads 7-4. Scheyer nails a 3! Someone must have loosened the rims at Duke’s end, almost everything is going in. Somehow, a miss gets tipped in by Green for UNC, I’ll check who. Henderson nails another 3…and rims one out on the next time down. What’s the point of blogging a basketball game if you can’t say “rims out.” Timeout and McRoberts is in. Scheyer steals the inbounds pass and gets an easy layup. Now they call an offesnive foul away from the ball on UNC…how’s that YouTube video going guys? Eventful as hell first 4 minutes, Duke leads 15-6. Raise your hand if you saw that coming.

And we’re back. Please leave the note I left in the comments, first. Duke ball.
Now it’s UNC ball, as McRoberts is called for a blatent moving screen. UNC hits two incredibly tough jumpers in a row. Duke needs to stop this quick run..and they do, as McRoberts hits Nelson for a layup. An airball by Ellington is followed up by a Scheyer miss and a possesion arrow call.
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Lawson hits a layup, cutting the lead back to 5. McRoberts hits the tough hook shot on the other end, now he gets the rebound and takes the ball up court, and they don’t score.
McRoberts hits Nelson for the dunk, and they triple team Hansborough, enducing a tieup that will go to UNC. I hate the possession arrow. Timeout, Duke leads by 9.

Henderson leading the fast break, leads to another tieup and our first scuffle tonight, between Zoubeck and Terry. The refs will have a little chat with Terry, as we go to another timeout.

Back to the blog, not to sound like a guest on MNF, but some guest posters this week will include Will Leitch of Deadspin, Big Daddy Drew and Monday Morning Punter of Kissing Suzy Kolber, and Awful Announcing doing a piece about Monday Night Football, along with me.

These “Rivalry Week” commercials suck ass. We get it, these teams don’t like each other. Zoubeck travels. McClure fouls Ginyard, he’ll get two free throws, as ESPN decides to plug the UNC/Duke womens hoops game. Count me out. Ginyard makes both.
Paulus hits McClure with a perfect pass, but the dunk gets blocked and Wright scores on the other end. Momentum’s a bitch. Now Paulus steals the ball and gets a fast break, but misses the layup, and Henderson gets the putback, with the foul shot which he makes. Terry. 3 pointer. Cold-blooded. Scheyer misses a fadeaway, not a great shot there. Hansborough dunks and Coach K has to call a timeout, as UNC is within 3. Duke can’t buy a layup after that hot start. And here comes the Gerald Henderson/Wayne Ellington fluff piece that we’ve been waiting for since last year’s signing day, thank you ESPN.
Duke needs a score again here. McRoberts hits Paulus-who makes the jumper. UNC’s next shot goes out of bounds, Duke ball. Nelson misses an open Scheyer underneath, but gets a blocking foul going around a screen. Paulus gets the shit blocked out of him…i think, as ESPN cuts away from the game. Scheyer and Thomas both miss, and UNC gets a fast break, and gets a foul call on Paulus.
Ok, this is hard to explain. So the ball is tipped around the rim, and Deion Thompson tried to dunk it, but only grabbed rim, so he got a tech. Scheyer makes both free throws. Interesting call there. Duke ball now. Nelson finds Scheyer as he goes out of bounds, but the 3 pointer rims out. Duke can’t score on another fast break, and UNC has the ball again, but Green dribbles off of his foot. Timeout-Duke leads 28-21.

“Carolina has a better team, but we have Cameron”-Duke Student. Insert joke here, Marco.
Zoubeck gets a tieup along the baseline on Terry-looked like a foul. UNC gets the ball, but Ginyard misses the trey. Zoubeck is called for another walk. Hansborough hits a jumper, cutting the lead back down to 5. Scheyer drives, misses, but gets a foul call on Wright. He hits both. Terry burns Scheyer and makes a layup. Scheyer gets the ball from McRoberts and nails the 3 off the screen, and David “The Quiet Storm” McClure gets a block on the next possesion, UNC ball. If anyone knows any UNC nicknames, leave them in the comments. Lawson, from NBA range…brick. Paulus from 3…almost airballed it long. Duke is getting every shot wide open, and UNC is gettin a ton of layups. Henderson misses a shot going away from the basket, but no one boxes out Scheyer and he makes the easy layup. Wright gets the ball and dunks it with authorita as Cartman would say. Timeout-Duke leads 35-25.

Duke is outrebounding UNC…just wow. Terry defends the pass, and it goes ob off of Nelson. Lance Thomas blatently fouls Thompson in the post. Terry can’t handle the inbounds pass, and Scheyer gets a steal. Paulus drives and misses, but gets a foul call. He makes both. Both teams are automatic from the line tonight. Wright misses once, but gets the ball back and hits the nice layup. Nelson tries to shoot the 3, but it slips out of his hands and ob to UNC, weird ass play. Quentin Thomas misses an open jumper for UNC, and its the 2 minute warning. Terry nails a 3, and UNC is back within 5. Scheyer misses the 3 from the corner, and Ellington gets blocked from behind by Scheyer. Paulus brings the ball up, drives, and is fouled. Two more shots. No I will not watch the Duke/UNC womens game.
Paulus makes both, and Duke is 9-9 from the stripe. Ginyard makes the runner. Duke will hold for 1. Scheyer misses ther runner, and we’re going to halfime, Duke is only up by 5, despite completely outplaying UNC this half-they shoudl be scared as hell going into that locker room. Scheyer leads with 14 points.
For UNC-they know that they are better than this team, and to be only down by 5 after that kind of half is something that Roy Williams has to hit on during halftime. Wright is the leader for UNC with only 8, Hansborough only has 4.

I’ll be back with the 2nd half-keep posting comments. And will people besides Marco and AA show up?

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