If you happened to be watching the Yankees game last night you were without HD service because a fire wrecked havoc on a Stamford, Conn., building that houses facilities for several channels. One Yankee fan I know messaged me to say that it was like watching a game on “ESPN Classic”.

The good news is that, for those of you planning to watch Crossing Jordan on A&E this morning, the feed is back up. If you’re spending the day watching YES or the NFL Network…you’re going HDless for the day….

However, the HD feeds of both YES Network and NFL Network were still down Tuesday afternoon. NFL Network expected its HD network to be black until Wednesday evening, according to spokesman Seth Palansky.

As for YES Network’s HD signal, spokesman Eric Handler said, “We’re looking to get it up and running as soon as possible.”

Try not to riot Yankee fans. I know you need to see A-Rod’s purple lips as clearly as possible, but you just need to be patient.

Several HDTV Nets Remain Down Following Fire (Broadcast Newsroom)

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