It’s a little late – there’s about eight minutes left in the first half as I write this – but consider this an open thread for what could be an epic Georgetown-Ohio State battle (I’m taking the Oden and the Buckeyes) and a revenge match between UCLA and Florida (I’ve got the Gators, just because I’d like to see a college team actually repeat).

Leave your thoughts, predictions and concerns in the comments…I’ll be in and out after the jump.

(Looking for a real, live, live-blog? The Big Lead is all over this.)

6:37 – Early foul trouble for both Oden and Hibbert. The difference? Hibbert has 8 of Georgetown’s 14 points, Oden is scoreless thus far.

6:44 – 23-17 Buckeyes with 3:40 to play, thanks to a long three from Mike Conley Jr., who has nine.

6:45 – I like the fact that they changed the ending of the GM robot commercial. In doing away with the ridiculous “suicide” angle, they’ve actually made the end of the commercial more funny.

6:48 – Hustle points for Georgetown.

6:49 – Oden has only played three minutes so far? Wow.

6:50 – Pithy comments thus far, eh?

6:51 – We have a 27-23 ball game at the half, in favor of Ohio State. Things are still very much up in the air and could depend largely on the foul situation with regards to Oden and Hibbert. Other factors: can Conley continue to shoot well (5-of-6 from the field, 11 points) and will Jeff Green become more involved in the Hoyas offense?

9:25 – Oden and Hibbert both played well in the second half – Oden finished the game with 13 points and 9 rebounds, Hibbert had 19 and 6 – but Jeff Green never got on track. He reeled in 12 rebounds and shot 80% from the field while playing all 40 minutes, but only attempted five shots in tallying nine points. The Hoyas struggled from three point range, hitting 7 of 21 attempts, and were unsuccessful in taking the ball inside and drawing fouls, attempting only eight free throws overall. Ohio State wins 67-60 and Greg Oden is one game closer to adding “NCAA Champion” to his growing resume.

11:00 – It’s official, we have a championship game: Florida vs. Ohio State, Monday night. Oden vs. Noah, an exceptional group of freshmen vs. a quartet of juniors who returned specifically for this reason, a coach who believes in the five-second rule vs. a coach who will soon have to decide between continuing to build his legacy or following the money and the prime job.

Florida 76, UCLA 66, in a game that wasn’t really even that close.

11:04 – What the hell was Joakim Noah looking at during the post-game interview?

11:14 – My pick for the final? Florida over Ohio State, 67-63. It would be a nice story if Oden wins, but I’ve always been a sucker for mini-dynasties, so I’m hoping Florida takes it.

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