Awhile back AA broke the news that Mike Hall was leaving ESPNU for presumably The Big Ten Network. Hall did so by signing with The B10N a month or so ago and he will head the studio show and get his own show Friday Night Tailgate.

Blending X’s & O’s with a light-hearted look at what it’s like to be on campus the night before the big game, Friday Night Tailgate delivers the true Big Ten Football weekend experience.

The host of FNT is Mike Hall, a Chicago native who is joining the Big Ten Network after a three-year stint at ESPN, where he was the lead anchor for ESPNU. The winner of ESPN’s first season of “Dream Job,” Hall has anchored ESPN’s SportsCenter and ESPNEWS.

I think Hall is a fine addition, but I’m more concerned with the naming of the show. Anyone who has gone to College knows that 8pm on a Friday is called “Pre-gaming”. Something along the lines of “Pre-gaming with Mike Hall” or “Getting Tanked With Mike Hall Before You Leave For The Party at 10pm” (GTWMHBYLFTPAT as the kids would call it) would have been much better.

Friday Night Tailgate to Provide Campus Flavor (Big Ten Network)

P.S.- Maybe they’ll get footage of me pissing in Mirror Lake this Fall….that’d be great television.

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