This is one of those ideas that could go great, or horribly bad. ESPN is turning its Sports Nation Chat Room into its own radio show. ESPN Radio is bringing on John Seibel and Orestes Destrade to air a program unlike any other from 4-6:30pm. The two of them are going to let the listeners/Sports Nation voters and chatters steer the show…..

SportsNation on ESPN Radio will tie into’s “SportsNation” page, the site where sports fans discuss the day’s issues and vote on topical polls. Prior to their show, Seibel and Orestes will “chat” with listeners who will help format each afternoon’s program by telling the co-hosts what they feel are the hot topics of the day. During the show, the daily SportsNation on ESPN Radio poll on the “SportsNation” page will be updated and discussed, as will other poll results and fan feedback on the page. (ESPN)

Seems like a logical progression right and not a bad idea right? Well not so fast. If you’re a normal working human being on the East Coast what are you doing from 4:00 to 6:30pm? You’re driving and if you’re like me you’re stuck in traffic. Well if that’s the case….HOW THE HELL AM I GOING CONTRIBUTE FROM MY CAR?!?!?!

I don’t have a PC on my steering wheel. And if you say well they’ll have the West Coast A) I don’t really even believe the West Coast exists (neither does ESPN) and B) They’ll all still be working and most jobs don’t let you play streaming audio. This whole thing kicks of October 23rd, but I don’t know how I’m going to get my PC into my car.

I truly like the idea, but that’s just not going to work when the only time slot you can put it in is Late Afternoon Drive.

Update: So apparently the chat doesn’t go on as the same time of the show. John and O are on Sports Nation from 2-3pm to chat with folks and ask the what they want them to talk about on the show. Well that’s even more ridiculous than they way I originally took the idea. So were basically they’re going to be taking about the Yankees and Red Sox every single day because Sports Nation is doing their show prep for them? Just dumb. I’m sorry….wait until Buzz here’s about this.

P.S.- There wasn’t anyone else available besides Orestes? Really???

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