I’m not sure why they chose Charlotte for this experiment, but this Friday ESPN is going to follow around the North Carolina based NBA team for an entire day. And when I say an entire day….I mean an ENTIRE day. Here’s the schedule for this Friday’s “Event”….

-Behind-the-scenes footage of Charlotte’s Adam Morrison rehabbing from injury
-Tour of the arena by Bobcats rookie Jared Dudley
-Interviews during ESPN Radio shows, beginning with Mike & Mike in the Morning (6-10 a.m.)
-ESPN Radio’s The Stephen A. Smith Show originating from Charlotte
-ESPN.com chats with Bobcats personnel, on-site blogging throughout the day by TrueHoop’s Henry Abbott
-Bobcats head coach Sam Vincent and a select player miked for sound during the game
-In-game interview with Vincent
-Robotic locker room cameras with audio (pre-game, halftime and post-game)
-Day-long insider access into coaches meetings, film review and team shootaround
-Interviews with players and team personnel throughout the day
-Footage of coaches and players arriving to the arena
-Players interacting with the coaching staff on the court prior to the game.

Dan Shulman and Hubie Brown are on the call and it should be a pretty interesting day to say the least. It’s kind of disappointing there’s not Jordan stuff in there , but I must say that a look into Adam Morrison’s rehab would be pretty eventful considering I completely forgot he was in the league.

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