So ESPN has decided to take back their official slamming of Jimmy Kimmel’s “classless and disappointing” comments, and is still backing the late night host. In a move that is Disnergy at it’s finest (do you know if you die in their parks they take you out into the parking lot and say you died there?) ESPN’s Executive VP for Content John Skipper has even called the host to smooth things over according to SI…..

Kimmel fits that bill as ABC’s late-night host and a former member of Fox’s NFL Sunday crew. He said ESPN’s executive vice president for content John Skipper reached out to him in a phone call on Wednesday in an attempt to smooth things over. “I got a call from John Skipper who I like a lot,” said Kimmel. “He was apologetic. The unfortunate thing for people who did not see the broadcast is now it looks like I exposed myself on national television. Really, I wasn’t even making fun of Joe. I just thought it was a funny and inappropriate but harmless thing to bring up in the booth.”

On Wednesday night, an ESPN spokesperson emailed a statement to “We have had a great relationship working with Jimmy and we will continue to work with him in the future.”

Kimmel said he read the Times piece online after midnight on Tuesday and “was surprised to say the least.”

What the hell is going on? Here’s what I’m thinking happened….Jimmy needs ratings which is why you put him in the booth in the first place. ESPN bashes him after he bashes Theismann. Jay Rothman gets a call from Disney/ABC telling him he’s about to get canned if ESPN doesn’t take it all back. Everyone forgets about the problem all together.

It’s really that easy. And remember…..any publicity is good publicity. Bravo Jimmy Kimmel….I applaud you.

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