The “Leader” decided to pull the Roger Clemens roller coaster spot for the upcoming Disney Weekend in reaction to him being mentioned in the Mitchell report. I swear I’ve seen it in the past few days, but I guess I was wrong. Via Sports Business Daily….

ESPN last Thursday, the day the Mitchell Report was released, pulled a spot featuring Roger Clemens that promoted “ESPN The Weekend,” according to David Goetzl of MEDIA POST. The spot “continued to air Monday during live events” that were streamed on, in what ESPN called an “oversight.” ESPN VP/PR Josh Krulewitz: “Given he’s a part of an ongoing major news story of a controversial nature, we thought [pulling the commercial] was the appropriate thing to do at this time.” But Krulewitz added that “there are no plans to remove Clemens’ photo from the ‘ESPN The Weekend’ promotional Web site,” where Clemens is seen with his arm around a Disney character.

I guess that’s the right move, but it seems like a little much when they continue to employ people who’ve taken steroids as well. There’s also no word on whether Clemens will still be attending the Disney trip as previously scheduled. I’m guessing he won’t be there.