For some reason ESPN has decided to make a marketing push for ESPN News with a campaign they’re cleverly dubbing the Stay Current campaign. From Brandweek Magazine…..

The “Stay Current” campaign, via Wieden & Kennedy, N.Y., breaks Monday with two 30-second TV spots running across ESPN nets and “possibly ABC,” with support including radio, Internet and print in ESPN The Magazine. The ads take a “humorous look at sports fans whose bad opinions make it seem as if they are talking out of their butts.” In “Mike,” a man tells his friends the Spurs have “no chance this year,” and Millsaps College is “going to the Final Four.”

Wow. That seems like a genius idea…..can’t believe somebody hasn’t done this before. Oh that’s right….it has been done….about a billion times.

***Update***- Deadspin has the breaking news that ESPN 2 is also going to change as well. They are dropping the 2 and it will be just like a second ESPN without the designation of being different. It’s an odd move to say the least, but it looks like they’re exorcising themselves of all of the ESPN Hollywood/Quite Frankly Demons.

That’s really great and all, but you might consider also changing ESPNU to ESPN Zero…..because no one gets that damn channel. HEY YO!

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