Found this interesting article at the LA Times. It appears that ESPN is sending some of its operations and people to Los Angeles in 2009…..

West Coast fans who have long suspected an East Coast bias from Bristol, Conn.-based ESPN can begin to rest easier, because the cable sports giant is on track to open by spring 2009 a full-fledged broadcast production facility across from Staples Center.

The five-story ESPN building that is taking shape will house an ESPN Zone restaurant on the first two floors and two television production studios with digital control rooms on upper floors. One studio will become home for the late-night edition of its signature “SportsCenter” that now is produced on the busy Bristol campus. ESPN also will house its 710 radio station studios next door in an office building now under construction.

I’m sure some people will be happy to get out of Connecticut, but this move makes a ton of sense from a business standpoint. I always thought it was crazy that people had to work through the night, especially if you’re an anchor on the late Sports Center. Well now you move it to L.A. and those employees will be going to be 3 hours earlier than they were in Bristol.

Now about that East Coast Bias?

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