I had purposely avoided the Who’s Now SportsCenter bits up until yesterday. Mainly because I don’t get home until after the show is over, but more likely I was just scared what my eyes would see. Well I got home early yesterday evening and took in the hour long show (Who’s Now took up about 1/4th of it). Let’s just say I’m glad Will Leitch’s 24 hour viewing of ESPN didn’t include this….I don’t think he would have survived.

Last night’s episode of Who’s Now featured an amazing roundtable of panelists in charge of explaining why Tiger Woods beat Matt Leinart. Stu Scott provided nothing but an introduction of Michael Wilbon, Kirk Herbstreit, and Keyshawn Johnson. The Panel then discussed the pros and cons of each. Tiger just had a baby…he has a new golf tournament in DC…etc, etc. Matt Leinart was then described as winning the Heisman and winning a National Championship. Umm okay….not that I care, but how in the hell does that Make him “NOW”?!?! That was two years ago.

They then discussed the next day’s matchup of Dwayne Wade versus Shawn White. Hmm, wonder who’s going to win that one??? The thing is so predictable and just plain asinine that I feel dumber for watching it. My favorite part was when Stuart Scott said that Tiger Woods had this “locked and loaded and poised to win.” Uh yeah…you think? Why even bother???

I know that this is just the way things are with ESPN these days, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t feel good to vent. I actually talked with a former ESPN SportsCenter employee recently and he conveyed the same thoughts.

ESPN is officially MTV 2.0….After watching that I urge you to never watch the show again and pick up some of the books on Yahoo Sports writer Dan Wetzel’s Summer Reading List.

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