I’m sorry if you’re sick of this, but I can’t let this go. I know that looking to Mike Greenberg for journalistic integrity is lunacy (like many of you mentioned on Friday), but how hypocritical is ESPN for not lambasting Mike Golic for admitting to taking Steroids? It really blows my mind after all of the Barry Bonds pieces, a person mind you who has never been found guilty of taking performance enhancing drugs knowingly. They don’t seem to even care about the admission.

How much do they care you ask? THEY TOOK THE CALL OUT OF THE PODCAST! You have to have ESPN Insider to hear it, but I’ve listened to the segment three times now, and it’s not in there (please tell me if you find it and where, if you listen).

Mike and Mike debate the Troy Williamson situation (Mike and Mike Audio)

I thought Jeff in Chicago did us a great service in calling into the show to call out Mike Golic, and I think it’s amazing that he did so after reading the item on this website. Apparently ESPN is going to pretend like this never happened.

Here’s what another reader, KJ in Cincinnati had to say about the call……

I don’t think Jeff in Chicago is getting enough credit for his call. I was driving to work listening to Mike & Mike (only because the local guys on another station were at commercial) and caught Jeff’s call. It was nothing short of brilliant. He led so convincingly with the question about the topic they were discussing, then turned on a dime from lamb to lion with a “So Golic, did really you do steroids?” It was such a stunner, I expected the cars humming south with me down I-71 to all screech to a halt. It was almost a Borat-like infiltration of the media machine, it was that good.

I do give M&M credit, the awkward pause was relatively short: Golic jumped in with a “yeah I did for two weeks to try to recover from an injury” with Greenie adding a quick “I don’t how that relates to the topic” (or something like that — weenie) and picking up the previous discussion as if nothing had happened.

I’m sure Golic’s a decent guy, and I’m sure if you haven’t played in the NFL you can never relate to the pressure to recover from injury and get back on the field. That said, I would hope ESPN is working right now to turn this from a positive into a negative, and let Golic tell his story and educate the audience. What does he tell his football-playing boys, for instance? Is he on record talking smack about, say, Shawne Merriman, and if so does he regret it? About Barry Bonds? If he’s been hypocritical, this is a great opportunity to “man up” (heh) and give fans an insider perspective on the whole performance-enhancing thing.

Amen KJ…..amen. This is just the first in a long line of deletions by ESPN as of late and it’s getting a bit annoying. The “Leader” edited out a few comments from Lisa Salter on E:60 recently (which they then said was a “transferring issue”, and even took down the video of Barry Melrose trashing Newark, New Jersey.

Add all of this up and combine it with anything Chris Mortensen reports, and WWE taking on CNN for editing their video and you have to wonder if any news is true these days. A wise man once told me to “believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.” I don’t think there’s a more pertinent time than now to subscribe to that tenet.

I genuinely like Mike Golic on the radio, but someone needs to shed some light on this.

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