In ESPN’s latest effort to colloborate with every movie that ever comes out will be before next week’s Monday Nighter. The movie this time……Kingdom. Jamie Foxx is set to appear in the opening spot playing his character from the movie who is an FBI Agent….

In the dramatic 65-second intro, Foxx, waving a flashlight over some files, hits upon his confirmed targets: “Tom Brady [stats] – three Super Bowls, three Pro Bowls, one supermodel. Primary target – Randy Moss, fresh corn rows.”

As for Cincinnati, Foxx finds a photo of “Carson Palmer – Heisman Trophy winner, Pro Bowl MVP, cleft chin. What does that mean? Chad Johnson – you don’t want him dancing on you in the end zone.”

Jamie, channeling his on-screen G-Man, wraps up saying, “We got all we need. There’s going to be a shoot-out in The Jungle tonight.”

Hot damn! The Disnergy just can’t be stopped. I can’t wait for the week after when Dallas travels to Buffalo and Larry The Cable Guy figures out why they call them buffalo wings if they’re actually chicken. Good times.

Our current list sits at: Die Hard 4, 3:10 to Yuma, The Game Plan and now Kingdom

Secret agent man (Boston Herald)

Update…..found a photo from the spot that I thought I’d share. Isn’t JFoxx dreamy? I love a man in uniform.

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