Ask and you shall receive my Nemesis!

ESPN has this ridiculous article up on the 50 players they think will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. They came up with some crazy points based system which is based on categories such as Mortality, Upside, and Intangibles….you know Intangibles….that which can’t be measured (we’re off to a great start).

The best part of the article isn’t the 50 players (which include Calvin Johnson, AJ Hawk, Adrian Peterson, and Lofa Tatupu), it’s the fact that the authors ask for snarky comments (oh and they get them)…

Before you post a snarky comment at the bottom of this page … understand that these are predictions. Very few active players would be locks for the Hall of Fame if they retired today. That leaves the door open to interpretation on who else will fill the field of 50 — even a couple players who have yet to take a regular-season snap.

OK, now check our list — and post that snarky comment.

You ask and you shall receive. I’ll go first and then open it up to the ESPN Commenters.

1. You state that very few active players would be locks for the HOF if they retired today. WHY EVEN DO THIS STUDY TO START WITH THEN?!?!?! You already disproved everything you’re about to say.

2. A tiebreaker is said to go to the person with the better team. The better team right now? Or how they’ll be in 5, or 10 years? That’s another study on its own.

3. A tiebreaker is said to go to the person with the better team. But in Matt Leinart’s case you tell us to “Forget about that decal on the side of his helmet. Pretend it isn’t there.”….Umm okay??? What happened to your original ratings key then?

4. LaDanian Tomlinson is 9th….9th! Behind Richard Seymour and one in front of Adam Vinatieri. Enough said.

5. No Zach Thomas, Frank Gore, Willie Anderson, Jay Cutler, Roy Williams, Devin Hester, Fred Taylor, or Corey Dillon. Not even a mention.

I could go on and on, but I’ll leave the rest to the ESPN commenters. They should sum it up for me….

“First “Who’s Now?” Now this. This is the worst attempt at any list I have ever seen.”

“Just think a few years ago they would have had Ryan Leaf on this list!! What a joke of an article!”

“Another wonderful (snicker) piece of journalism by you hacks. Your station has become complete and utter garbage over the last several years, and you also insist on just phoning in 90 percent of all the articles on the web site to go along with it.”

“This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen from ESPN. It sounds like a little kid wrote this that didn’t know what it takes to get to the Hall, and thought it was just for players who had decent careers. If Pac Man and Vick didn’t get into any trouble they’d be on your list for sure.”

…and my personal favorite…..

“This just in………..John David Booty just cracked the top 10.”

Note to ESPN: I’m good at making up formulas too. I could come up with a formula and then rank the next player to be injured in MLS or something. How much is something like that worth? $1,500??? I bet I could come up with something even more ridiculous than Thomas Neumann and Scott Symmes (who?) and for half the cost.

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