Recently, Extra Mustard got to speak with Erin Andrews about her love for their site, but more importantly the fact that she’s been alluded to AOL’s Best and Worst Announcer Brackets that AA took part in putting together. So we were thrilled to see you like Extra Mustard, especially since you’re one of our go-to “celebrities” who we can always count on to generate lots of hits.

Andrews: My girlfriend and I always go to it. She religiously goes to it and I started going to it because it always has good scoops on the boys and a lot of people in sports. My girlfriend sent me a link to Hot Clicks the other day because you had an item about a contest on sideline reporters. She said I better hope I get some votes.

So if EA’s taking a gander so should you. Why? Not because she’s graced the webpage’s presence, but because I honestly couldn’t be more disappointed in the voting. Take a look at some of these matchups……

Okay, I can understand that maybe Sal Masekela is a bit more annoying than Jim Gray, but Joe Morgan and Chris Berman getting knocked out in the first round?!?! You people are crazy. I want you each to email me personally and tell me why you like Joe Morgan. I will then post your responses in and let the AA readers pick you apart like vultures.

Reggie Miller worse than Joe Morgan……Who are these people?!?!

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