In an interview on a local DC Morning Show today, Eric Wynalda took the opportunity to shed light on the reason he told Jim Rome to S his D.

Wynalda was on The DC Show Elliot In the Morning (DC Folks- Don’t start clubbing the fact that I listen. It’s only a last resort when every other show is on commercial) talking soccer and he explained his distaste for Jim Rome…

Eric was making a point about how Jim hates Soccer and that his Alma Mater (UCSB) won a National Championship in Soccer last year. Wynalda had invited Rome to the game, but Jim had declined by saying, “I’m more proud of our school’s Water Polo Championship in 1978.” The host Elliot laughed, and Eric Wynalda jumped in with the nickname….

(Paraphrasing) “Yeah that’s why I call him Kim Rome now. He’d rather watch a bunch of guys in speedos.”- EW

Maybe I missed it, but I can’t believe no one came up with that after the “Chris Everett Incident”. Oh wait….they did. Great job coming up with a ten year old joke Eric.