Welcome blog readers, Duke Haters, Duke Sympathists, and maybe some Virginia fans! I’m back to give you the game of the night (on ESPN) between Duke and UVA. I’ll give you some pregame breakdowns, so you can be fully prepared for this mid-season conference matchup.
Record: 18-3 (5-2, 4th place ACC)
Ranked: 8 in AP, 10 in ESPN/USA Today
Leading Scorer: DeMarcus Nelson-14.5 ppg

Player to Watch Tonight: Freshman G John Scheyer, who leads the team in ACC PPG (a very meaningful stat), and is the team’s latest white 3 point shooter. He may have the arduous task of guarding Sean Singletary, and more importantly, may have to take over at point guard after Greg Paulus starts turning the ball over.

Record: 13-6 (5-2 4th place ACC)
Ranked: NR in both polls
Leading Scorer: Sean Singletary-19.0 ppg

Player to Watch Tonight: Senior G J.R. Reynolds, who is 2nd on the team in ppg at 18.2, and will get plenty of looks, considering all of the pressure that Duke will direct towards Singletary. This game could affect his draft position…oh who am I kidding? It’s his last chance to beat Duke on his home floor.

UVA will definetly put up a fight in this game, and expect it to be a good first half. After that, start looking for the UCLA/Oregon game.

More coming at tipoff