Tied at 61 and we get it, the chick has a Duke needs more time sign. Enough with it. Mike Patrick claims to be a psychic on the Singletary jumper.
UVA wins the tip, and Singletary is fouled while shooting. He hits both. Nelson misses an open 3, but McClure hustles for the board, and dishes to Paulus, who is fouled, giving Cain 5 and Paulus 2 FT’s. There is now a “Paulus Sucks” chant. He cooly hits both as well. Reynolds limps off of the court. Singletary misses, but a big rebound and putback for Diane. Foul on Pettinella, who replaced Cain. McRoberts hits both and we’re tied again. Foul called on Thomas, giving him 5. An iffy call as he batted the ball out of Pettinella’s hands. He is a 26% shooter from the line, misses the first one badly, and somehow makes #2. Paulus misses a long 3 and UVA calls timeout with a 1 point lead and 2:33 left.

Reynolds is checking back into the game. Henderson steals the ball from Diane. A reach in foul called on Joeseph. Henderson splits them. Singletary airballs the three pointer, and Duke can take the lead, but they don’t, McRoberts misses. 1 minute left, Reynolds drives and A GREAT BLOCK by McClure, saving the lead. Duke calls timeout with 30.2 left and 8 on the shot clock. Their gameplan appears to be give it to McRoberts and hope he scores. Reynolds is on the bench. Scheyer misses the shot, and UVA can hold for the win. They call timeout with 16 seconds left. Lets see if Singletary or Reynolds gets the last shot. Singletary drives and HITS THE SHOT with 1.0 left. Wow, what a great shot. Duke will need another miracle here.
McRoberts to inbound. The pass goes to Paulus, open 3 for the win…NO GOOD, hits back iron.

Wow just a great game, as UVA storms the court. ESPN is now down on its knees for the Cavs but what amazes me is that people still storm the court for Duke this year. No matter what, a great game, showing how good UVA is, and how much better Duke needs to be by next wednesday, as they take on UNC (and I’m liveblogging!) Thanks for reading, all 4 of you.


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