Ok, I’m going to try and get a post in at every TV timeout (4 minutes).

We’re playing at the John Paul Jones Arena-so expect a lot of Led Zeppelin references tonight. Awful Announcers: Mike Patrick and Len Elmore

The teams trade layups before UVA player to watch JR Reynolds bricking a 3, and Lance Thomas nailing his 2nd layup for Duke, and then Duke player to watch Scheyer gets a foul call on him. I was really on fire with those picks…yeah I was as Scheyer and Reynolds both score on the ensuing possesions, Duke by 3-make that 6. Paulus has hit 2 deep 3’s, figuring that if you’re shooting, you can’t turn the ball over.
Virginia nails a 3, then Paulus feeds Nelson for another deep 3. With all of these long range shots, it’s like a game of NBA Live…without my friends throwing the controllers at the TV and demanding a rematch. TV Timeout-Duke-15, UVA-9.

Paulus throws up a crazy shot as the shot clock runs down and hits it. That’s a shot you don’t even try in HORSE. UVA misses a dunk, and David McClure hits an 8 footer (yes he got it off). Virginia gets a fast break and fearful of missing the dunk, he gets swatted by Gerald Henderson. Cain follows with a dunk, and McRoberts hits a short floater with the foul, FT good. Duke treis an alley-oop to McRoberts, which fails but they get the foul call. Another TV Timeout-Duke leads 24-16. Isn’t this exciting?

Duke turns the ball over, but UVA can’t convert. Nelson airball’s a 3 pointer-can you guess what the fan’s chanted? Reynolds misses another floater, and surprisingly, no one’s said anything incredibly stupid yet. McRoberts tries to beat the double team and fails miserably, which leads to Singletary nailing another 3, UVA’s back within 1 (see, i told you). Nelson hits a mid range shot and Duke leads 17-14, TV Timeout.

I have the game on mute and I’m listening to my Led Zeppelin songs on iTunes, so tell me if I miss any gems in the comment’s section. Singletary scores again (maybe I should have picked him) and UVA is within 6 and has the ball back…before they throw the ball away and Nelson dunks it. Fast break, but then a double dribble is called, something I have not seen since 1996. Duke gets a few more hoops, now lead by 11, and UVA calls a timeout. Duke-30, UVA-19.
Nelson dribbles baseline and somehow keeps his feet inbounds for a reverse layup. Coupled with a long pass out of bounds, Duke leads by 11, 32-19 going into the last TV timeout of the half.

Even Duke’s mistakes are working out, McRoberts tries the most predictable move a big man can try, and misses, but McClure comes in to get the tip in. Cain dunks for UVA, followed by another long 3, and they’re back within 8; 34-26. McRoberts gets the ball in the post coming off of the timeout, and pivots 3 times but avoids traveling or a 3 second call and puts in the 3 footer. Henderson draws a charge, but Duke can’t get a good shot off and gives up the ball. 7’1 Brian Zoubeck comes in and quickly draws a foul, UVA is going back to the line, they split the shots and Duke has the ball with 30 seconds left, holding for 1 shot. It’s an 8-2 UVA run, and UVA commits a dumb foul, but had 1 to give. Duke does indeed hold the ball for one shot, and don’t even get it off.
It’s halftime, Duke leads 36-29. Be back with some stats soon.