Virginia’s gettin the ball to start, and within 10 seconds, Lance Thomas has picked up foul #3, and Mamadi Diane hits his 3rd trey of the night. The Lithuanian guy with the long name picked up foul #3 for UVA. Thomas hits layup number 3, and Diane hits a running jumper to cut it back to 5. Paulus gets away with an intentional foul on a fast break, but Reynolds hits a short jumper. UVA has all of the momentum now, but Diane throws it away, and Duke goes right down for a Thomas layup +1. He makes it, but UVA scores and the crowd is back into it. UVA will get the ball under Duke’s hoop when we return. Duke leads 41-37.

We’re back. Patrick is still bitching about the no call on the intentional foul. Reynolds airballs a floater in the lane. Virginia runs a great inbounds play, but Harris misses the layup that would have cut it to 4. Reynolds hits a wide open jumper, Duke takes a TO and leads by 4.

Nothing happens for a while, until Reynolds drains a 3, they’re within 1. Duke has the ball down by UVA’s basket and leads 43-42.

UVA gets the ball back and can take the lead on this possesion. They get two shots, but can’t put it in. After that sentence, I am obliged to remind you that “That’s What She Said Day” is on February 15th. McRoberts hits a layup, and Singletary misses the tying 3. McRoberts gets the ball in the post and hits a hook shot in the lane, causing UVA to call a much needed TO. McRoberts blocks a layup, but UVA gets the rebound and scores, back within 3. Patrick reminds us that he gets to watch people like Singeltary for free. Asshole. Shot clock running down, so Paulus fires up an airball, but Scheyer tips it in, Duke by 5. Singletary gets an assist, then McRoberts commits a foul on the offensive end. TV Timeout, Duke by 3.

Virginia can tie it here, and Reynolds is fouled shooting a 3 pointer by Scheyer with the shot clock running down. Hits the first…hits the second…and hits the third. Tied at 49. McRoberts comes right back with a layup, giving him 13 points. Singletary misses the shot, but there’s a loose ball foul on Duke. Diane misses badly and Thomas snags the rebound. McRoberts is double teamed and finds Scheyer for 3…good! UVA misses again and Duke’s going to slow it down now. Cain called for his 2nd foul on a block, and now Duke will be in the 1 and 1 with the next foul. And somehow a handoff around a screen turns into an offensive foul on Thomas, giving him 4. Reynolds hits a runner in the lane, exciting the crowd again. Nelson silences them with a 3, but a UVA player is down and can’t get up. It was Reynolds, who went down after his made shot. Reynolds has 17 and is going to get looked at. Meanwhile, Duke leads by 6. McClure blocks a short runner, and he has been a pretty good 5th/6th man all year for Duke. They slow it down again. McRoberts drives and gets fouled, and he made a great shot! Duke leads by 8 with 3:42 left.

McRoberts misses the free throw, and Reynolds is back in as he hits another shot. Diane gets a steal, and Nelson commits a foul. Reynolds hits both FT’s, they’re back within 4. Duke needs to score to silence the crowd, and they might. McRoberts draws a foul from Cain, his 4th, and he’ll get 2 FT’s, and he hits them both. Reynolds bricks a long 3, and there’s a tieup. Possesion arrow goes to Duke. I would rant about how I hate the possesion arrow in college hoops, but I’m too bored. Meanwhile, the ball is tipped off of Paulus, and UVA gets the ball. Only Paulus’ second turnover. UVA calls timeout. Someone holds up a witty sign, causing ESPN to run the same graphic about the Clemson game that will be a fixture in Duke games to come. Foul on Scheyer with 2:05 left. Reynolds hits both again. UVA needs a stop badly, and Singletary knocks the ball out of bounds, Duke will keep it. Scheyer long 3 no good. Virginia can make this a very exciting finish if they can score here. Reynolds drives and a block is called, giving Reynolds two more shots at the line. He hits both and he is now 10-11 from the stripe. Timeout UVA.

ESPN shows a montage of Duke losing this year-classy. Duke kills 20 seconds, then calls timeout with 55.2 left in the game. This gives time for Len Elmore to pick the Colts on sunday. Now there is a discussion of the fans, and nobody cares. Reynolds has scored 13 in a row for UVA. Paulus misses a floater. UVA can tie or take here…and Singletary drains it! Tied at 61. Duke to hold for 1. McRoberts misses, and the clock runs out. We’re going to OT!

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