Oh I can’t contain my excitement. The best day of the year is only 10 hours away, and AA is packed with drafty goodness. Greg Oden has already been guaranteed to be the first selection, but that’s just the beginning. And while I don’t want to distract you from the KSK Birthday Celebration….there’s just too much stuff to get to. Here’s the rundown….

1. The Blogger Mock Draft- Twenty something bloggers…an Internet message board….What could go wrong??? Actually things went pretty good. And instead of comparing our list to the others, yours truly is grading the teams and the Bloggers picks. It’s going to be a blast.

2. AA’s Official Mock Draft- Here’s Last Year’s Mock Draft back when I didn’t know how to upload pictures. Pretty much got destroyed on that one, and hopefully the same thing can happen this year! And a bonus…it will have officially 10x less foreign players than Chad Ford’s!!!

3. A Special Draft Day “You Create The Caption”.

4. NBA Draft Live-Blog 2007, 7pm- We’ll get this thing kicked off right at 7pm, or before. And everyone….I’m expecting a destruction of the 107 comments from last year. You better be there.

5. Any and every draft day video or item I can bring you.

6. There might be even a ridiculous surprise event for you as well.

The Day is packed my friends. And just to get you completely geeked, I give you “Kevin Durant Apocalypse” and the “Greg Oden Mix Tape”!!!! Whoooo!!!!!


T-T-T-Totally Dude!