Joe Morgan is on my TV right now. The color commentary from Joe has been par for the course – some good analysis and some “What the hell is he talking about?” moments – but my favorite moment thus far was Uncle Joey Cora’s would-be sacrifice bunt in the top of the fifth. We were led to believe that it started as a conversation among the umpires as to whether or not Cora left the baseline on the way to first, but after viewing the replay, Morgan and Jon Miller found about 37 things that went wrong. Just about the only thing missing was catcher’s interference.

Unfortunately, I don’t have video of that. What do I have? A video of Joe Morgan purchasing his own food at the ballpark. The description says it was recorded on the night Barry Bonds hit his 71st homerun in 2001, which may or may not be true, but it’s fascinating nonetheless. The Giants don’t supply a complimentary spread for the folks in the press box?

(The guys from Yelling Louder also chimed in on this back in February.)