Great find by the guys at Lion In Oil this morning. Digger Phelps just penned a book about his year as a coach called “Undertaker’s Son: Life Lessons From A Coach”. Now I have nothing against DP, I think he loves the game of Basketball and I’m sure he portrays that in the hardback. There is one thing non Basketball item though that strikes LIO and myself as odd….

Head basketball coach of Notre Dame at age 29, a position he held for more than two decades with a 100 percent graduation rate, an attention-getting figure in President George H. W. Bush’s anti-drug program, part-time ambassador, a nationally adored ESPN commentator, and a possible Presidential candidate, Richard “Digger” Phelps has done it all.

Presidential Candidate?!?!?!?! How random is that? And what exactly is “an attention-getting figure”? I have thousands of questions that I don’t think will ever get answered, but I think I might vote of this combo…


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