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You do not know how badly I want this story to be true.

From The FanHouse:

Scott Proctor threw all of his equipment out of the dugout and onto the field. He then proceeded to light it on fire for a little post-game bonfire! Somewhere, there has got to be video of this. Please, I’m begging.

No source mentioned in the post. No word of the incident anywhere else on the Interet (none that I can find, anyway). Normally, I hate when people rush to judgement and report on stuff before making sure it’s true. These are not normal circumstances, however; not to condone such actions, but if this actually happened, then Scott Proctor showcased the greatest individual expression of displeasure in the history of professional sports this afternoon. And that’s saying something.

If it’s not true? My bad, Scott Proctor.

UPDATE: Oh, it’s true. Thanks to Jay for helping out in the comments.

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