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We’ve all seen the commercial: a serious-looking Dane Cook reads off a list of the greatest plays in postseason history, growing more and more excited until he just can’t take it anymore and shouts awkwardly, “There’s only postseason. There’s only one Fall Classic. There’s only one, OCTOBER!” Honestly, I like the commercial – until that last line, which sounds so forced and cheesy that I can’t understand how the director allowed it into the final cut.

This commercial (and another one touting the slumping Milwaukee Brewers as a surprise team that “loves to prove you wrong”) is an advertisement for Actober.com, a web site run by Major League Baseball that features the types of postseason clips mentioned by Cook and runs contests where fans are encouraged to submit their own reenactments of the plays.

I managed to avoid Actober.com until today, when curiosity got the best of me and I headed over the check it out. My thoughts? Some great video clips of classic moments such as Willie Mays’s catch and Carlton Fisk’s homerun…but the fan submissions? Ugh. Out of the five I viewed, maybe one or two were actually amusing. The others…even Dane Cook is funnier. You can view them for yourself here (watch at your own risk).

Maybe Cook needs to stop feeding us senseless propoganda about Milwaukee and hit the road to help these people out. They need it.

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