Wow…that was quick. In a deal that has to have been already made before his departure from ESPN, Dan Patrick is going into the Radio Syndication business ala Jim Rome…..(Via TBL)

“Also on the ESPN beat, Dan Patrick, who’s leaving the network after 18 years as one of its biggest stars, soon will announce his new deal: He’ll continue in radio and launch a new nationally syndicated program via Chicago-based Content Factory.”

That’s kind of a boring outcome, but it will make Dan-O a ton of money. And speaking of Jim Rome, good news for those of you in the DC Metro Area. Romo is back in the Nation’s Capital! Woo hoo (that was sarcastic)!!! He’ll be on 106.7 WJFK from 1-3pm before Don and Mike in the afternoon.

Come to think of it I’m actually pretty excited about that move. Anything to get rid of Bill O’Reilly.

Dan Patrick Already Got a Job (The Big Lead)
Dan Patrick Is Officially A Free Agent (Awful Announcing)

P.S.- Hopefully news of DP’s recent hiring will help the attack on his Wiki page to die down.

UPDATE: From reader TC……”No Dan Patrick show today. It’s just “ESPN Radio” and Scott Van Pelt is hosting. Absolutely no mention of it being Patrick’s show. Maybe they sent him packing early with his new deal already in place?”

Very interesting…….dunh dunh dunh!

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