I never thought some cheesy filler post I put up back in April would keep everyone so entertained, but such is the case. You may have noticed that I hadn’t put up a “Create a Caption” for the past few days because I wanted to make #100 something special. So what’s so special you ask?

How about a Top 20 of my favorite ones over the past 7 months? Sounds fun right??? Right. So here are the best of the best out of the over 3,000+ entrants for the the 100 photos. We’ll keep the feature going and it will be back to its regular ridiculousness again tomorrow. Enjoy!


“Is that Tim Couch over there? Hey man, how’s it going? You got any hair gel? I gotta get this hat off before my hair sets.” (Via Hollywood Wags)

19. Mrs. Beckham, I’m going to have to ask you to put Ms. Richie down.” (Via Ed)

18. “You are NOT all witnesses. In fact, if anything, you saw Timmy here attack me first.”
(Via Anon)

17. “….and it was this exact moment in my throwing motion when I realized that Sid f**kin’ Bream was going to beat the throw.” (Via Keith)

16. “I’m going to live to see you eat this puck! But make room for my first because I’m going to ram it through your stomach and crush your spine.” (Via Chopper Dave)

15. “Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, big fella. God’s telling me the reporters only want to talk to winners. Back on your side of the field.” (Via Anon)

14. “Where’s Telfair? I need his gun” (Via Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson)

13. “WHAT? They cancelled the Gillmore Girls?? Those bastards are gonna pay!” (Via Jay)

12. “Well do you want fries with that or not?” (Via Mike)

11. “Tara Reid has her boob out again.” (Via Anon)

10. “I ain’t found s**t!” (Via Majorly English)

9. “Talk about a comeback, I haven’t come for a Spice Girl since 1998.” (Via Steve Jeltz Fan)

8. “I think they accidently left the “Y” off of Alyssa’s logo.” (Via Anon)

7. “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god I think the one in the pearls likes me!!! Play it cool Tim, play it cool….” (Via Mez)

6. “Yes, we want the Iraq War and we’re gonna win!” (Via Sheep’s Line)

5. “Now, Tony, on your wedding night you’re going to want to take her legs and put them behind her head…..trust me. They don’t call me The Big Fundamental for nothing.”
(Via G-Money)

4. “When she’s not firing t-shirts into the stands, Heather launches cheeseburgers into Bob Wickman.” (Via PM)

3. “Tom, how’d you get that woman to stay so damn quiet regarding the baby drama, man?” “Straight Cash Homey.” (Via S2N)

2. “What’s really at the end of a rainbow you ask? My Balls.” (Via JK)
1. “Hey cutie, how’d you like to see some real Irish cream after the game.” (More Credible)

So there you have it. I had to end on a joke like that…..just had to. You all crack me up with these everyday so hopefully we can keep it up for another hundred or so. We should have some good ammo for tomorrow, so that’s when the “CaC” will start back up.

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