You may have already seen this over at Deadspin, but in case you’re asking…What The Hell is Deadspin (all .0001% of you)? Then this is news to you! Via The Smoking Gun comes this amazing collection of perps wearing their favorite team’s jersey.

The only reason I bring this up is because I have a great story to go along with this. On my drive home from work I pass two very prominent “beggers” on the roads. If I have change I’ll give it to them, or occasionally a sandwich or sunflower seeds. Anywho, on the same day both of them had jerseys on! It blew my mind. The first was a Steelers’ Tommy Maddox jersey that conjured up jokes that I won’t repeat in this space. The second though blew my mind…

I stopped at the intersection and walking towards me with a sign (which I see everyday) was a man wearing an Earl Campbell Oilers’ throwback. I mean seriously! How much does that thing cost. Hell…I’d buy it for $40.

Go (To Jail) Team! (The Smoking Gun)
Smile And Say Go Team (Deadspin)